Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Being 50...and technologically challenged!

Turning 50 has had it's issues.  In one week,  I got a new cellphone and a digital camera.  Both of which I had no clue how to use.  Since my cell is our home phone, it suffices to say, I was hooped!  Stepping into data plan land is a bit of a nightmare if you have never used that on your phone. For awhile, I couldn't tell if it was a FB notification, a text, or someone had called and left a message!  I am happy to say, I have now kinda have a grasp on it now!  The camera, well... not there yet. There is such thing as information overload and I have reached it!

The weird thing is on how small the world really is with all this technology.  My daughter Chelsea, is half way around the world from us, yet I can communicate with her every day.  It doesn't make the distance seem so real.  My youngest son, that is 16 yrs old, went to visit her this past summer. He was posting on FB daily with his adventures and we spoke on Skype as well.  The ability to communicate is everything. When I was Chelsea's age, I lived in a different province than my parents. Other than the weekly phone call, they were left with their imaginations as to how the day to day was actually going.  I do wonder though, if it has created a generation of clingy  parents.  If I haven't heard from Chelsea in a couple of days, which really hasn't happened yet, I would message her on FB to see what is going on.

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